Oct, 2015

Sunraysia Tenpin Mildura Solar Installation (video)

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In 2015 Sunraysia Tenpin realised that it was time to do something about the painful nature of their electricity bill.

The project objectives were:

  • Reduction of electricity consumption
  • Maximize return on investment

Sunraysia Tenpin Bowling chose Epho to install a 31.5kW solar system that will produce over 52,000 kWh per year and save approx 42% of their power usage.

This is a video of the installation which took place in June 2015.

“With ever increasing electricity bills, solar power seemed the logical way to go, but we were unsure about the benefit or system size required. We were contacted by Epho and as a company specialised in large commercial solar systems the information provided by them convinced us to go ahead. Epho’s price was competitive and the installation was seamless, quick and without interruption to our business. I believe we made the right choice with Epho and would recommend them to any business looking at solar energy and bill reduction.”
Rob Garioch, Proprietor, Sunraysia Tenpin