Jan, 2014

The Solar Business Case – the essence of what commercial solar power will do for you

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The Solar Business Case (SBC) is a customised document that outlines the financial proposition of solar for your business.

It is, in essence, an overview of how solar power works and a detailed financial model based on a range of factors we take into account to make a financial proposition as “real life” as possible.

This will then allow you to see if solar suits you or not.

In order to present a SBC to you we need information about the following things:

  • Your overall consumption (a power bill is a starting point).
  • Understanding about working hours, days per week worked, and load analysis.
  • Roof space available, including ownership / permissions needed from co-owners.

Our whole way of doing business is not to persuade you to buy a system – just to explain how it works, the considerations you need to take into account, and from there, the choice is yours.

The Solar Business Case outlines the commercial rational of the decision for or against a solar system. In many cases ePho will actually advise against the installation of a solar system to reduce electricity cost and recommend other electricity saving measures. (our goal is the best outcome for you, not just to make a sale).

The Solar Business Case matches the client’s electricity demand profile with the generation profile of the designed solar system. The result is the value of the replaced electricity from the grid, which forms the basis for the financial analysis of the commercial solar system.

How we build a solar business case

Methodology to build a solar business case