Mar, 2014

No pitching

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The State of Missouri in the USA is called the “Show Me” state.

In 1899, Congressman Willaard Vandiver said  “Frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I’m from Missouri, and you have got to show me.” It stuck, and that has been their unofficial motto ever since.

In that spirit, we want to SHOW you what solar will do for you, not just tell  you how amazing it is in general terms.

So… you won’t hear us pitching solar.

This may seem like a strange statement from a solar company however our logic is that we’d like you to be open to a conversation about solar, but solar should sell itself.

It should sell itself because it offers a good return on investment.

We’ll  show you what  that ROI will be.

What that investment is depends on a few things. One  of the main drivers is the price you pay for power.

In some cases, the payback is under 4 years. In others, it’s over 8 years.

So, armed with some answers from you, we can come back to you with a Solar Business Case, which outlines what the financial performance of solar will be. And those numbers can speak for themselves.

The Solar Business Case outlines the financial performance of commercial solar power.

This proposed Return on Investment will either be of interest to you or it won’t.

If it is, we’re happy to answer as many questions as you have about solar.

If it’s not – the payback is too long, or your roof is too small – we won’t try and change your mind.

That’s why we can say, we won’t pitch solar. We WILL encourage you to have a conversation about solar, but it’s really just about numbers.