Dec, 2019

First Bright Thinkers Power Station commences construction – MEDIA RELEASE

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Sydney, 04/12/2019: Epho is constructing the first urban solar power station to harness the power of clean energy using Epho’s Bright Thinkers Power StationTM technology.

The 1.7 MW Bright Thinkers Power Station (BTPS) to be situated at Goodman’s Oakdale Industrial Estate in Horsley Park will be an urban solar power plant that operates in a dual-functional capacity. BTPS can direct the solar energy either partially or fully to the consumer on site, or directly trade solar energy on the National Electricity Market (NEM). Work has commenced, on what promises to be one of the most exciting new developments in commercial solar energy supply.

The solar plant will be placed on the roof of a 31,457 sqm new warehouse, which is dedicated specifically to healthcare products storage and distribution and will commence operations at the end of this year.

The flexibility provided by BTPS also allows the tenant of the warehouse to access even more solar energy if the consumption of the site increases. Epho has developed its proprietary BTPS technology in collaboration with Siemens as an exclusive technology partner, in order to meet the requirements of property companies and their large corporate tenants. “Epho developed the BTPS concept to allow large roof-top solar systems to be connected both behind-the-meter as well as an independent, market registered power station. Epho’s innovation potentially allows the entire roof area to be utilised and that the roof can be turned into market participating urban power station”, explains Dr Oliver Hartley, Epho’s Managing Director.

BTPS is the key to un-lock Australia’s massive tens of gigawatt potential for solar power systems on industrial roofs. Epho’s technology facilitates a low-risk win/win/win situation between the customer, the landlord and the solar asset developer.

Brendon Quinn, General Manager NSW Industrial Development at Goodman, said, “This cutting-edge Bright Thinkers Power Station concept is creating benefits for one of our largest global customers and aligns with our sustainability objectives here at Goodman.”

Oliver Hartley emphasises, “We are very grateful for the grant we were awarded from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency under the Advancing Renewable Program to develop this very exciting technology that will unlock Australia’s industrial roof-top for urban solar power stations.”

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