Commercial Solar Panels

So you’ve carried out all your research and you’ve reached the decision that your company will benefit significantly from the installation of a commercial solar system. As part of your research, you will have discovered the significant benefits which solar power can bring your company. From reducing your energy bills to promoting a greener image for your company, producing your own source of power though harnessing the energy of the sun makes perfect sense. But you know all that already! What you need now is the right partner to help you achieve your solar objectives which is where Epho Solar Solutions comes in!

At Epho, we can guarantee that we will assist and support you every step of your solar journey. While you have the work done in considering solar power, you now need to consider what type of solar system will be best suited to your business. Will you opt for commercial solar panels fitted to the roof of your property or will you decide that a ground mounted system will best meet your requirements? Maybe a carport mounted system will be the best fit. Our team of solar engineers can help you work through the pros and cons of each of these systems and produce a Solar Business Case for your consideration. All this preparatory work will ensure that you choose the right type of solar system for your company.

Once the decision is made, we work tirelessly to design, procure and construct a solar system of the highest quality. Our aim is to meet and indeed to exceed all your expectations by providing you with a solar system that will cut your electricity costs, be more environmentally friendly and increase your profits into the bargain! Our experience in system design and a belief in quality ensure you will get a system that will last for decades to come.

Once our business solar system is up and running, we can continue to be a source of assistance and support by regularly maintaining and checking your solar system. This ensures that it continues to operate at optimum performance levels and allows us to anticipate issues and address them in a timely fashion.

If you would like further information on solar energy or more information on the solar services that we can provide, call our head office on 1300 661 253 or visit our office in Central West NSW, Southern Queensland or Victoria. Our solar management team looks forward to working with you and assisting you in devising a specifically developed solar power system for your business.


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