Aug, 2014

Choosing the right size solar system

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Choosing the right size system is a balancing act between three factors.

There are many factors, but we think that they will fit into one of these three.

Roof size

Self explanatory hopefully… eventually you will run out of roof space. If the roof is at an angle of seven degrees or more, the panels can be installed ‘flat on roof’ and you will probably get about 1kW per 8m2. If the panels are on tilts, the space requirement will go to about 15 m2 per kW. You’ll also need to allow gaps from the edge and clearance away from shade-causing items such as antennas, air conditioners or low walls.

Your power usage 

Solar power is only useful if you are consuming that power.  You might be exporting at various times (often for zero $) and we include that in our financial modelling, but if you’re not using the power 5 days a week as it is produced, the economics probably won’t stack up.

Your timeline 

This is a big category, because a lot of things make up the answer to this category.

The rate you pay for power impacts the payback period of solar power. If you don’t have a horizon in your business that extends past 6-10 years in your business, solar might not be for you. There are ‘faster wins’ in business than solar (lighting will have a < 2 year payback period) but solar has longevity – a lifespan of 25+ years.

How ePho helps

We look at your consumption, your power price, your roof space and make a recommendation to you about solar which outlines the facts.

These facts are presented in a Solar Business Case, and they give you the unvarnished truth. Solar may then suit you, or not. Our logic is – at least you have the facts.

We call this our ‘No Pitch’ Approach.