What Makes Us Unique?

Why choose solar?

Solar is reaching maturity in Australia with over 1.3 million residential homes now fitted with solar power, and solar power reaching “grid parity’ in some parts of Australia.

This means you have no shortage of choice in companies that can offer you solar.

So, why choose Epho?

  • Focus on choosing the right size system for your needs.
  • Choice of quality components based  on the best lifetime performance, not the lowest cost
  • Complete end-to-end service including design, council permissions, connection to grid and ongoing services such as monitoring and maintenance.
  • Quality project management
  • World class team for viability studies, design, engineering, project management and installation.

In short – we aim to be the best at providing quality commercial solar systems in Australia.

Many solar companies that offer commercial solar are not experts, or even experienced, in this field. They may excel in selling residential solar,  and  they see that commercial systems are just a bigger version of what they are already doing.

Our experience shows  that there are many ways for projects to derail (some in ways that are critical,and some that are merely disappointing for a customer), and you need to choose your advisors wisely.

What Makes Us Unique?