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Epho connects Australian businesses to the sun

For us, it is about green power for your business

Epho = reliable solar electricity

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Epho makes the financial analysis

For us, the question is if solar electricity makes
economic sense for your business

Epho = the solar business case

Epho delivers turn-key commercial solar power panel systems for your business

Epho develops, engineers, procures, constructs, commissions, operates and maintains commercial solar power systems that increase the profitability of our clients’ businesses by reducing ongoing operational costs. In some cases, solar can offset 20-50% of the power costs for a business.

We have exceptional capabilities in financial forecasting to enable you to assess the viability of solar for your business, so you can answer the most important question “Is it worth it?” What we find is that the financial outcome of solar can vary considerably from one business to another. We help you work out quickly and accurately if this is right for you.Solar power does not work well for every business. For some, however, it is exceptional. We can help you see what it will achieve for you by a thorough analysis.

Each Epho solar project undergoes a stringent analysis of the underlying business case. This established whether or not solar makes sense for you. Once the Solar Business Case is confirmed, Epho works closely with its clients to establish the best way to deliver the economic benefits of the commercial solar system.

Epho then has the capabilities to handle projects as a complete turn-key solution, making the delivery as seamless as possible. This is achieved by our team with over 50 years’ combined experience in solar power.

Epho delivers solar projects to Australian businesses with one focus in mind – to help clients reduce operating expenses, to increase profitability and to become more competitive. Epho clients also contribute to the environmental sustainability of their businesses.

Epho meets its client’s expectations by operating an integrated service model along three business divisions:


Epho Solar Solutions

designs commercial solar solutions and provides the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) services required to deliver the commercial solar systems


Epho Solar Services 

provides operation and maintenance services for commercial solar systems as well as engineering services for the design and development of large-scale utility solar power plants


Epho Asset Management

develops funding solutions for commercial solar systems to meet its client’s business focus in terms of return on investment, cash flow management or electricity cost reduction

Epho has arguably one of the most experienced management teams delivering commercial solar power across Australia. Leveraging this experience, Epho can design solar systems that are right for the client’s needs and can develop financial solutions to fit to the client’s budget constraints.

Epho’s main purpose is to enable Australian companies – large and small – to act according to the Solar Business Case that is developed specifically for their business and make their own valuable contribution to a sustainable more environmentally friendly future by using Epho solar systems to generate electricity from photons.