Sep, 2014

Derisking investment in commercial solar power

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All investments carry risks, and often that goes hand in hand with the rewards. With solar power, our goal is to analyse your situation, predict the savings and benefit from solar, install the system, and manage the ongoing performance of the system. In short, our goal is to maximise and stabilise your returns. We call this derisking. Derisking is a term used commonly in investments and venture capital. When investing in a business, it is the process of identifying and eliminating risks from all sources – internal and external – […]



Jul, 2014

The case for commercial solar power

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Solar power can have an excellent financial return… or an awful financial return. The result is predictable, and in order to find out, we need to look at two main factors – the rate you pay for power and your pattern of consumption. From that (and quite a few other details that go into our financial model) we can predict what solar will do for you. Oliver Hartley provides an overview of the business case for commercial solar power. Diagnosing your power bill to work out your returns from solar […]