Sep, 2014

Webinar replay: is solar power right for your business?

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In this webinar which was held by the NSW Business Chamber on 9th September 2014, Oliver Hartley covers why solar works well for businesses, some typical outcomes from an investment in solar power, and what to look for in a supplier. Get our guide here to see more  examples and a buyer checklist.        



Aug, 2014

Bad modelling v good modelling for solar

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There’s two main functions we carry out day in, day out. One is installing solar. Before that, though, we talk to people about solar. A lot of people. Mostly the direction we like to head is to show people what solar will do for them. This is a financial projection that takes into account a range of factors. You can read about those here. This note is about the most common error we see in other people’s proposals. A good model reflects reality and helps people make good decisions. A […]