Commercial Solar Finance & Asset Management

An Epho commercial solar system is a long-term asset. It will reliably produce clean electricity for 25 years or more and for the entire period, the energy fuelling your solar system are photons free from the sun.

Epho’s Asset Management service works with our clients to establish the most suitable way of financing a commercial solar system. We go through the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of direct investment, leasing or power purchase agreements considering the individual circumstances of your business. Each approach has a different aim in mind to either achieve best return on investment, smooth cash flow management, or cost reduction.

Epho has partnerships with a range of some of the leading leasing companies in Australia, experienced in solar leasing, who have a variety of offers available.

It is this longevity and predictability that has given rise to an increasing range of solar financing solutions, and we are happy to be at the forefront of these.

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Solar System