Jan, 2015

Case Study: Orange Council Works Depot

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You only need to fly over the cities and towns of Australia to see that many businesses are taking up the opportunities offered by commercial-scale solar photovoltaics. For many businesses with high electricity costs, the rapid return on investment in solar can make the decision to do the right thing for the environment a great decision for the bottom line.

Orange City Council is proud to have invested in renewable energy over recent years and continues to look for ways to increase investment in renewable energy and transition from fossil fuel intensive power generation.

In October 2014, Epho installed a large array of solar panels at Council’s Works Depot in McLachlan Street. This 35-kilowatt system of 140 panels saved more than $5000 in electricity costs in the first quarter, money that will be reinvested in new energy programs across the council.

This Council Works project complements photovoltaic installations at the Home and Community Care Centre, childcare centres and Clover Hill function centre that have been delivering energy and cost savings for several years.

Council welcomes suggestions from the community on new opportunities for Orange. See Orange City Council Renewable Energy for details.