May, 2019

Australia’s Largest Airport Solar Installation Achieves Practical Completion – MEDIA RELEASE

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The solar system for Brisbane Airport Corporation has now officially come on line and is contributing to a sizable percentage of the airport’s total energy needs. Whilst Australia’s largest commercial and industrial solar system has been operational since end of 2018, Epho Pty Ltd – the design and construction company responsible for this project – announced today that the system reached practical completion including all approvals from authorities. Brisbane Airport Press Release 100519


Epho Commercial Solar Energy features in Ecogeneration

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ONE MEGAWATT IN SIX WEEKS FOR FOOTBALL FIELD-SIZED SOLUTION Read the article about ALDI’s commitment to solar as part of a broader strategy of becoming carbon neutral here ecogen_feb_2018_ALDI_DC     WHICH BANK HAS HALVED ITS EMISSIONS? Read about Commonwealth Bank’s achievement of halving emissions since 2009 – an achievement that has incorporated commercial solar systems from Epho, here ecogen_feb_2018_cba  



Mar, 2018

Epho features heavily in the latest ecogeneration magazine

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Two of Epho Commercial Solar Energy’s corporate clients have been featured in the latest ecogeneration magazine. The first article details ALDI’s ‘huge solar system’ on their Queensland DC as part of their broader corporate commitment to clean energy. The second article details Comm Bank’s achievement of halving their carbon emissions, compared to 2009 levels, utilising an array of solutions including solar provided by Epho. READ MORE – [http://epho.com.au/Epho_Commercial_Solar_Energy_features_in_Ecogeneration]    



Feb, 2016

Epho is now a CEC Approved Solar retailer

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Epho has signed on to the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct, a voluntary scheme authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). We’ve always been members of the Clean Energy Council, and Oliver Hartley has played several leadership roles within the CEC. This is a new code to encourage a distinction between members, and those that fully embrace customer driven values. Companies that have signed on to the code have committed to provide a higher standard of quality and service, raising the bar in the solar […]