Mar, 2014

Spot the difference: The difference between a commercial solar specialist and a generalist.

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90% of the solar market in Australia has been residential, and there are a large number of companies established to support that industry. As a result, these companies also wish to ‘step up’ and install larger systems in the 20-100 kW area. But being good at installing residential solar demands a different



Feb, 2014

(Video) The performance of commercial solar power – an example using a 50kW system

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This video covers the cost of a system and how the benefit is calculated based on an example power rate of 22c per kWh. For a specific analysis and “Solar Business Case” for your business please contact us and we can demonstrate what solar will do for you.



Jan, 2014

The Solar Business Case – the essence of what commercial solar power will do for you

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The Solar Business Case (SBC) is a customised document that outlines the financial proposition of solar for your business. It is, in essence, an overview of how solar power works and a detailed financial model based on a range of factors we take into account to make a financial proposition as “real life” as possible.



Dec, 2013

Accuracy of financial modelling for commercial solar power

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At the heart of any proposal for solar is a prediction about what solar will do for you – both in terms of electricity production and converting that into dollars. To do these, we use a mixture of facts, some assumptions, a few predictions